Scientific Vocabulary

1. Adapt

To become familiar with a new situation and to change your behaviour accordingly

2. Sensory

Connected with your physical senses

3. Criminal

A person who has done something illegal

4. Alert

Watching, listening, etc. for something with all your attention

5. Vibration

To make continuous very small and fast movement from side to side

6. Trap

A piece of equipment that you use for catching animals

7. Interdependence

Depending on each other

8. Herbivore

An animal that only eats grass and plants

9. Carnivore

Any animal that eats meat

10. Omnivore

An animal that eats both plants and meat

11. Camouflage

The way in which an animal’s colour or shape matches its surroundings and makes it difficult to be spotted.

12. Terrestrial

Living on the land

13. Aquatic

Living in water

14. Arboreal

Living in trees

15. aerial

In the air

16. vision


17. prey

An animal hunted by another for food

18. Predator

An animal that kills and eats other animals

19. communicate

To talk, to share