Quick and effective tips for enhancing your communication skills

Communication is not just limited to conveying your messages or ideas; it rather conveys your personality. Yes, if you think that communication and personality aren’t stringed together, then that’s incorrect. The way you communicate crafts and unchangeable image in the psyche of others.

Effective communication is key to interpersonal skills, and polishing these skills can allow you to shine brighter.  It opens new horizons of success for you. Many times you don’t get a job on the basis of your qualification but the way you speak and present yourself in front of others. It is obvious that the recruiters are not looking for the ones who have a high graded mark sheet but do not utter a single phrase confidently. So, here we have got you a small list of tips that can help you cast an influencing impact on others. Have a look.

  • Start with your listening skills: In this competitive era, we often try to highlight ourselves in every frame of work that we do. It is great to have a passion for being on the peak, but sometimes this turns into an obsession that is not praised worthy. So, before you speak, just carefully listen to what the others are saying. Remember that a conversation becomes an effective conversation when the two-way process of speaking and listening goes hand in hand. Else, you can choose to be an irksome guy in the meeting room that is not liked by anyone.
  • The study, understand and implement the tactics of non-verbal communication: Non-verbal communication is not just restricted to body language, but it also includes more profound things like tone, pitch, facial expressions, eye contact, confident tone, and physiological movements like sweating, nail-biting or improper breathing. Make sure that you spark these traits in your speaking skills. They say a lot more than what you actually utter.
  • Work on your emotional intelligence and emotional awareness: It is the ability to understand and utilize your emotions in an impactful way so that your message is conveyed with the correct intensity. We come across many events where it is better to hide your sensitive side but never to forget that the number of events where it’s better to exhibit them is equal. These emotions summarize as empathy, stress, and self-regulation.
  • Know who you are commuting to: It is not likely to use the same tone and body language with everyone. An effective communicator is the one who can decipher the skills as per the person standing in front of you. Obviously, it is not pleasing to use the same tone with your boss as you use with your colleagues.
  • Be clear and concise: Over-cooking something always ends up burning it, right? So, avoid over-communicating, especially when you are indulged informal communication. But at the same time, remember to complete your message. So, it is an art of using no words that can translate your message appropriately.

Cultivating communication skills can reap optimum benefits in your personal as well as business life. It is a form of art that is a bit challenging to craft, but with the passage of time, it can be inherited. Remember that nothing comes handy. So, just work on yourself each day, without being despotic to yourself.