What are Gerunds?

Gerunds are the words that are formed with verbs but functions as nouns. They are pretty easy to spot because they end with ‘ing’ and there are no exceptions to this rule. While considering the gerunds, it is important to keep in mind that:

  • A gerund is always a noun.
  • Gerund ends with ‘ing’
  • A gerund can work the same way as the noun does.


By the end of this quick session, you can identify the gerunds quickly. So, to gain a better understanding, let’s look at the examples.

  • Let’s go fishing.
  • I delayed telling her the exact situation.
  • You can relax in the sitting room.

Types of Gerunds

  • Using gerund as the subject
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Working at late night is not a healthy habit.
  • Attending a live concert was her dream.


  • Using gerund as an object
  • She never wanted to learn cooking.
  • Deep breathing is a great yoga asana.
  • She chose singing over everything.


  • Gerunds following adjectives
  • Her house was set with bright lighting.
  • She had severe aching in her stomach.


  • Gerunds before other nouns.
  • They dived into the swimming pool like maniacs.
  • She has lost her driving
  • She can’t walk without her walking


  • Gerunds placed with ‘be used to/ get used to.’
  • I was used to reading books every night when I was 10.
  • After she had an accident, she was used to resting all day.
  • It is not easy to get used to exercising each day.
  • Gerunds used in a negative sentence
  • Not marrying him is the only option left with her.
  • Not eating a balanced diet is the biggest problems of kids.


  • Gerunds used as plural countable nouns.
  • He did not stop coming to her place even after several
  • They have always planned to have a destination


  • Gerunds used after conjunction
  • I never skip washing my face and brushing my teeth before going to bed.
  • Let’s not forget that after having kids, the responsibility doubles.
  • I am not finding my keys since leaving the house.


  • Gerunds used in other expressions
  • This new tool is excellent for cutting
  • You should regret being a fool.
  • Dogs love shampooing
  • I have to do some ironing before packing the stuff.